Walking Tour of Old Montreal with an Historian

Walking Tour of Old Montreal with an Historian

With settlement of the area by humans dating back thousands of years, Montréal has an incredibly complex history, the vestiges of which are apparent in the city’s languages, cuisine, and urbanism.

This three-hour walk in the company of a historian, architect or urban expert, will emphasize the French and English colonial foundations of Canada’s second largest metropolis, spanning over 400 years of development as you stroll through the cobbled boulevards of Old Montréal.

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3 hours


10:00 am on Tuesday & Friday


Discover the city's centuries of culture and history led by a historian, urbanist or local expert, on a three-hour walking tour of Old Montreal. Get a comprehensive understanding of Montréal’s colonial history, from the fur trade to the urban and industrial forces, that shaped the city into the cultural epicenter it is today.




Your walk will begin where Montréal was founded, Place d’Youville, where you’ll explore the reasons why the Iroquois, fur traders and Sulpician priests chose to make their home there and how urban planning affected the city’s growth.

The tour will weave its way through the area and the centuries to see the influence of the French King Louis XIV and the powerful ecclesiastical presence of the Sulpicians and Récollets before delving into this area’s transformation into a 19th century business district.

The exploration of Montréal’s past deepens with a stop at the house of Simon McTavish, chief founding partner of the North West Company. Here will be a discussion about the importance of the fur trade, the fierce competition between the North West Company and the Hudson Bay Company, the coureurs de bois and trade patterns under British rule.

The tour path will lead the group to other sites linked to this era including the Champ de Mars, where you can see the remnants of Montréal’s old fortifications and the changing nature of conflict in the colony...from battles with the Iroquois to wars with the British and Americans. Along the way, you’ll also hear about later disputes such as the rebellions of 1837-38, linguistic divisions and the conflict between urban and rural business interests or how the railway eventually unified the two former provinces of Upper and Lower Canada. This will take the group into a discussion of Montréal in the 20th century as its power as the country’s biggest city shifted to Toronto and it took on a new role as the nation’s cultural capital.

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